Chair - Pat O'Connor

Vice Chair and Corporate Sales - Alan MacPhee

Food Services - Chef Michael Smith

Public Relations & Advertising - Ilse Peter Ching

Ticket sales - Jolyne Sharkey

Operations - David Jenkins

Photography - Loretta Campbell

Treasurer/ FHF Rep - Teresa Mellish

Volunteer Leader - Sheila Eastman

Volunteer Coordinator - Patsy Dingwell 

Site Coordinator - Jack Jans



Chris Briand:
Website/Photo Designer. Chris gives a students perspective to the feast while designing the poster, editing cows into photos, organizing the schedule of events, doing presentations to the local students, and photographing the event.

Pam Deveau: Volunteer Coordinator. Pam took on the challenge to round up the 100 volunteers needed for the main event. She has emailed, called, faxed, and even picked up a few people on the street for helping prepare and run this event. She puts everyone in specific spots so that everybody knows what to do and how to help.

Ilse Ching: Press Liason. All of the wonderfully written press releases and articles you’ve seen in papers have been the work of Ilse. The good-looking, filled gift baskets auctioned off are also created by her.

Lorianne MacCormack: Secretary. Working hard in the office, Lorianne runs around at a fast pace completing all the tasks nobody thinks of. She is also in charge of ticket sales. She is the backbone to the feast as a major organizer.

Michael Smith: Head Chef. Preparing a meal for 1000 people is no easy task. Luckily, head Chef of Village Feast, Michael, has perfected the meal that we are all lucky enough to eat, ensuring to everyone that each meal will taste great.

Loretta Campbell: Assistant to Chef. Loretta has been running around doing all sorts of contacting, picking up, and of course, making sure the bar is equipped with all the necessary items. She assists Chef Michael Smith, catering to his needs so that he can perform to his best ability cooking our meal. She also takes the photos for the event poster.

Pat O’Connor: Operations Manager. Pat oversees all the finer details of how the feast runs, making sure we have all the pots and pans. He keeps everything operating perfectly so that there are no surprises.

Alan E. MacPhee: Chair. Creator of the Feast, Alan has put in countless hours of work into making this day happen. From getting large sponsors to recruiting chefs, Alan has made sure this event is a success.

Jack Jans: Site Coordinator. Jack maintains the site and makes sure everybody and every station is in the right spot. The field is setup in just the right place because of his hard work. He arranged for security to be here and organized parking the vehicles.

Teresa Melish: Charity Coordinator. From Farmers Helping Farmers, we are lucky to have Teresa looking after our charity, making sure the cookhouse gets built in an area in need. She also processes all of our credit card sales and found plenty of helpful volunteers.

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