From Gretha Rose President of Cellar Door Productions and Co-Producer of the documentary "The Village Feast" Food Network March 2012

"I took on this project as I am committed to my home town. Documentaries are the hardest to get to the screen. The amount of time required from the original write up to the pitch to a Network, and all the components that follow make these types of projects a true labour of love. It is where Chef Michael and I first connected. Our business partnership came from a mutual love of the community. I always believed I should be able to step out my front door and see something to create. The documentary is a real showcase of the spirit of the people of Eastern Kings. It was only possible to do based on the amazing work of  The Village Feast Committee, Co-Founders Michael Smith and Alan MacPhee and the community of volunteers. Without that there is nothing. We just captured it on camera."

The Feast has inspirited fresh ideas everywhere and has touched lives around the world. When Dr. Jennifer Taylor, professor at the Department of Family and Nutritional Sciences at UPEI, and several of her students saw the cookhouses that Farmers helping Farmers had built in Kenya with the funds that Village Feast raised, she was amazed. "As a nutritionist, I see these cookhouses as one of the most important projects that have ever been done in the history of FHF. The fact that hundreds of children get a nutritious meal daily and that schools and communities are self sufficient once these are built is quite amazing to me." UPEI Nutrition students Kaylynne Parkes and Christina Tucker were so inspired to help that they are organizing the sale of Kenyan-made aprons at the Village Feast. Their trip to Kenya showed what Islanders can do for Kenyans, and they will be selling the aprons made by a local Kenyan woman whom they helped set up her own apron making business.

Souris Food Bank representative Ron McIntosh says "without the financial support of Village Feast the Food Bank in Souris would not be able to operate and provide for its clients." This clearly indicates Village Feasts commitment and its importance to the local community.

"We are so blessed to live in Canada, on Prince Edward Island, in Eastern Kings county. The Village Feast allows us to come together as a community and share our local flavours with the world!" 

Michael Smith
VF Head Chef

"As Canadian Forces lead for this activity, I too was impressed by the efforts this team of professionals displayed during what was to be a very demanding and busy day. Their positive attitude, exceptional job knowledge and extraordinary work ethic set the tone for the day's activities."

Captain Sorrey
Canadian Forces Recruiting Center

"To people who don't work large catering events like this on a regular basis, this fundraiser was probably an amazing feat feeding over a 1000 people a freshly cooked Steak Dinner. However, for Chef's Like Michael Smith who have a vast array of experience in high-end catering, this is simply another days work. It was my pleasure to be a part of this worthwhile event."

Bill Pratt

Corporate Chef
National Accounts Manager

Hello to Chef Michael Smith and everyone involved in The Village Feast!

I am a Canadian who lives in Toronto and watched the premiere of The Village Feast tonight. I would have watched it on the weekend except that I wasn’t home. Thank goodness for PVR and recordings. Anyways, I had to write and tell you what an amazing job you did and what an amazing event this is and how touched I am t how a community can get together and bring people from all over the world (Scotland) together and accomplish something as incredible and huge and astounding as this. It was just so touching and inspiring to watch this and I’m grateful there are people still doing things like this. I have always wanted to get involved, but living where I live, I don’t hear much about events like this. I am truly inspired and touched by what you all have done and implore you to keep going, you are all amazing, wonderful, inspiring people and you have made a HUGE difference in the world. I have one question, if you have been doing this for a few years, why are we only hearing about this now? Congratulations on this remarkable feat and feast! Can’t wait to hear about 2012! Keep it going! Thank you!

Taryn Simbrow

Toronto, Ontario

(Actually Thornhill, just outside of Toronto)

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